No, you don't have to go by boat! The town of Grindsted, just 140 km from the German border and 15 km from Billund Airport, features a charming blend of classic 1920s and 1930s Danish architecture with more contemporary buildings. It has a thriving centre with excellent shops, cafes and a museum, as well as large parks and walking paths to take a relaxing walk or bike ride.

Grindsted and Billund are all about family holidays and super fun experiences. Billund is the birthplace of the famous LEGO brick and the Capital of Children.

Also, in Billund you will find Lalandia - Scandinavia’s largest tropical holiday and activity centre. Enjoy the tropical climate in the huge Aquadome with water activities in all kinds and lots of fun for young and old. 

Just a 25-minute drive from Billund you can experience a day in the animal kingdom Givskud Zoo and take your family for a safari in your own car or join the Zoo’s safari bus. Head out on the African savannah where giraffes and zebras cross the road right in front of you. The lion pride iis the nation’s largest, so you’ll always be sure to see many lions. Givskud Zoo also has Denmark’s largest dinosaur exhibition ever. 

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The Danish Championships in 2017 put Grindsted on the map, and the shops in Grindsted really contributed to creating a party atmosphere in the town.

We are now looking forward to UCI Gran Fondo. We consider moving the focus of the race even closer downtown to be a major advantage, and we will do everything to create a festive frame around yet another major cycling race in Grindsted, making it possible for the participants to take their family and friends with them to have exciting experiences in Grindsted.

Johnny Hansen, Chairman of the Grindsted Business Association