Qualification for Gran Fondo World Championships
The first 25% (calculated from startinglists) of each age group at Gran Fondo Denmark will be awarded with guaranteed entry to the Gran Fondo World Championship. 

To qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championship:
Men aged 59 years and younger must ride the Gran Fondo to qualify
Men aged 60 years and older must ride the Medio Fondo to qualify
Women of all age categories must ride the Medio Fondo to qualify

Please notice that registration for Time Trial closes June 17th at midnight!

Registration Desk/Race Secretary Address

MAGION, Tinghusgade, Grindsted (view map)

Opening hours 

Friday June 22nd: 5 PM – 8 PM 
Saturday June 23rd: 8 AM – 7 PM 
Sunday june 24th: 6 AM - 5 PM

Time Trial - program
Saturday June 23rd
First rider 13:15
Last rider expected to finish 16:55

Price ceremony:
14:45 Women - all classes
15:45 Men - 19/34, 35/39, 40/44 & 45/49
17:00 Men - 50/54, 55/59, 60/64 & + 65

Medio Fondo & Gran Fondo Road Race - Sunday June 24th
Start 8:30 AM

Emergency call: 112

Assistance: 0045 51 50 58 64

License is not needed for Gran Fondo Denmark 2018.
License is needed for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships final in Varese.

Timing chip (transponder)
For the TT riders will recieve a chip to be mounted on the RIGHT side of the helmet.
Also, riders will receive a white number to be attached on the back of the jersey/suit.

For the road races riders will recieve a chip to be mounted on the RIGHT side of the helmet. Also, riders will receive number to be attached to the seatpost and numbers for the the back of the jersey/suit - the numers will be in the colour of the different start goups. Strips and safety pins will also be handed out.

Timing system

Riders need to be at the finish line before 3:00 PM - after this the timing will stop.

Please note: After 50 km (Blue Horse) the GF course will be closed at 10.21. Riders arriving later than this time will have to ride the Medio Fondo.


Disc brakes 
Disc brakes are allowed.

Riders will be placed in start boxes in accordance to age category. The start boxes will close five minutes before start. All riders will start at the same time.

Age groups
19 - 34y
35 - 39y
40 - 44y
45 - 49y
50 - 54y
55 - 59y
60 - 64y

Age groups are defined by the rider's age on December 31st of the year of the race.

All riders can - no matter the age - ride Gran Fondo as well as Medio Fondo.


Cars and motorbikes 
Time Trial
The Time Trial course will be closed for traffic. Marshalls will be circling the course for riders safety. Police will also be present during the race. 

Road Race
Race Marshalls, police motorbikes and leadingcar will cover the race. But the course will be open for traffic. A boomwagen will end the race. Please notice, the last 2 kilometers to the finish will be closed for traffic. No private servicescar is allowed in the race.

Award ceremony 
The three first riders of every age category (women and men) will be called to the podium to be awarded. The winner per age category (both women and men) will receive the official UCI jersey. It’s forbidden to wear glasses during the ceremony.

Feeding zones (road race) 
At 67 km, 110 km and 135 km at the Gran Fondo course and after 57 km and 95 km for the Medio Fondo course. Water and fruit will be available. Only at 135 km volunteers in the feed zone who will help to hand out drinks. It is allowed for riders in the race, to have a private helper in this area. We kindly ask all the helpers to wear a yellow bib. First aid Medical aid service will be available at the start/finish.

Littering is not allowed - the drop zones for waste is at the feeding zones and must be used. 

Doping control
At race secretary

Mechanical assistance
Time Trial: There will be mechanical service and a bike shop available in the start and finish area. It’s not allowed to follow a specific rider with a private car.  

Road Race: It’s not allowed to have a private car in the race. All unofficial cars (without official UWCT signage) will be banned from the road. The neutral support car doesn’t provide drinks. It’s not possible to give your own pair of spare wheels to a neutral car. There will be mechanical service and a bike shop available in the start and finish area, and on the 3 Feeding Zones.

Publication of results 
The results of the Time Trial will be published as soon as the riders are arrived. The results will be published at the finish area on the giant screen and at www.granfondodenmark.dk. Results of the Road Races will be published soon after the finish and will be updated on a regular basis. Results will be available at the finish area as well as online.

Shower etc. 
At MAGION, Tinghusgade, Grindsted 1 km from finish line.

At MAGION, Tinghusgade, Grindsted 1 km from finish line.

Expo Area 
In the start/finish area (both Road race and Tine Trial) there will be exhibitions from our sponsors

Carsten Ritter & Bjarne Kratholm


Take care, watch out for each other, follow the instructions from oficials, racemarshalls, police and commissioners.